A Woman’s Place is in the Church

For Mary Kay Kusner, priesthood wasn’t an option — until she had an out-of-body experience.   ull Circle is a small Catholic church in Coralville, just outside Iowa City. It only has a few rows of chairs; about 20 people fill them. Everyone knows each other. They greet one another with warmth then settle in their seats, which is when … Read More

Unprotected Sacred Sites

The government makes the ultimate decision about what is sacred while American Indian beliefs fall to the wayside.   o American Indians, all that is natural is sacred — including the land. While many religious denominations build churches or temples, American Indians simply worship what is. Unlike those buildings, the lands Native peoples find most sacred often go unprotected. Defining … Read More

User Experience Designers: the Unnoticed Superheroes of Today

Designers are charged with researching the psychology behind user decisions. here’s a little blue “unsubscribe” button in the upper right-hand corner of a website. Everything from the color, the size and the location evokes a certain response from the user. But say the link was red and at the bottom of the page. Those alterations could entirely change the way … Read More

Novelty Farm Animals

The Midwest is built on farming. Across the region, it’s not uncommon to hit a farm every few miles, most of which boil down to crops and cattle. But the ever-growing suburbs are starting to encroach on what was once farmland. Farmers are hard-pressed to find enough land to handle 500 head of cattle. That’s where miniature cows come in. They’re smaller — of course. They eat less, which means less land is needed. And they can do anything a regular cow can do, just cuter.