Drake introduces BlueMobile app

Drake University took a step into the technological world recently with the launch of its new blueMobile app. The app was created for faculty, staff, and students alike to access important information.

Angela Embree, the Director of Computer Information Systems at Drake, felt that taking this step was both relevant and needed, “It’s the future of computing, everyone’s connected and wants more information more quickly. It’s a great way to get you what you need to know and what we want you to know.”

Sophomore magazine major, Jeff Nelson, agreed with Embree, “I think it’s great that they’re taking this step. A lot of people have smartphones and it will be a great way to connect with students.”

The blueMobile app is set up as a set of apps within one app. The internal apps include a directory, map, events page, and news feed as well as a couple more personalized apps, grades and schedule.

“The features aren’t useful for Drake students for the most part. It could help freshmen. It’s good for you if you don’t know where the buildings are,” Nelson said, but remains hopeful, “I’m sure as time goes on they’ll take feedback into consideration and make improvements and add more features.”

Embree stated that they do plan on improving the app as more feedback comes across her desk, “We plan to keep adding and adjusting to meet the needs. The more feedback we get, the more we can get them what they want.”

So far, the only feedback that was received was one report that was easily corrected. Kyle Gingrey, a sophomore BCMB major, feels they have some improvement to do, “It lags a little bit so they should speed it up.”

Nelson also had some suggestions for improvements, “I’d like to see a social media/networking feature to open communication and make it more interactive. Also, it doesn’t show current grades; they’re only shown for previous semesters and you have to sign in every time to access features.”

Currently on the list to add to the app are a dining menu, nutritional information for the dining halls, and a voting mechanism so students don’t have to get on their computers to vote in school elections.

To download the app, one must go to http://oit.drake.edu/blueMoblie from the browser on their mobile phone. Downloads are available for Android and iOS devices. Students and faculty can send feedback through the app itself or through the OIT website. The next phase of improvements and apps will take place in November.